As a Southern Woman It's my duty to MONOGRAM EVERYTHING !!!

After all if it doesn't have your monogram on it, How do you even know it's yours??


I have always obsessed over fonts, I believe they each have their own own personality or mood, and each one helps convey the desired emotion.


Why embroidery? After having several of my daughters outfits embroidered when she was small I fell in love. I wanted everything we owned embroidered, …....and an embroidery machine..... oh, and a business.........the dream began. That was over 25 years ago. I gave up on that dream years ago but continued to obsess over monograms and fonts.


As I got older, machines became more affordable, software more user friendly and affordable, and my desire definitely increased. I started with a Janome MC10001, it was used, very used. I used the heck out of it. Took it every limit I could think of. Outgrew it in the first year and upgraded to a 4 needle. Within 6 months of that bought an additional 15 needle with huge clearance for bulky items.

 Now I am digitizing designs that I Love and always looked for but could never find. I have a wide variety of designs that are cute for kiddos, babies, and just fun stuff. But..... by favorite, my passion are the vintage monograms and designs, I love the elegance and history behind them. The artistry and individual hand work that has long been abandoned. So If you have a design or a project that includes any vintage designs please don't hesitate to message me, I would love to participate.


Check Back Often, I usually have 1,000's of ideas in line to be digitized so you never know which one you will LOVE!!

 If you (like me) have been looking for the perfect design and can't find it, let me know! I will try to help you find it, if we can't, I will create it for you!!

 Beverly Fain


Contact us at anytime at blingsasssparkle@gmail.com